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Leonflix apk is a multi platform desktop app for finding media. It is a modular search tool for content, the modules crawl video/file hosting websites, extracting the videos hosted on those sites for playback with the help of Leonflix. Modules extract only the desired content that streaming sites provide, filtering out all the pop-ups and adware that have been added with the product.

Since Leonflix is still in the initial stages, may users may experience some bugs and the community is actively working to fix those bugs while updating new features.

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In a simple way, Leonflix is a media tool which does not host the copyrighted videos on its servers. The makers of Leonflix does not condone the streaming of copyrighted content and they intend that this tool is strictly used to search open licence or public domain movies and shows. Howver the makers of Leonflix do not take any responsibility for how Leonflix is used and it does not remotely track or store any sort of information regarding the browsing history or streaming activity of its users, which is a positive trait in this world where people are fighting for violating the personal private space of the human beings. Leonflix has no control over what media is put up or taken down, it merely scrapes third party websites that are publicly accessible through any regular web browser. Therefore it is the responsibility of the user to avoid any actions that might violate the laws governing their locality.

For a user, modules are addons to Leonflix that users can install to find the content which they want to or to customise their experience. Many of the Leonflix modules are still in development, but eventually the modules will be opened up for all the third party developers. For the new users, to find out about the modules, they need to go through the settings and check out the modules features, how it works. The goal is to expand on the types of media Leonflix can support and majorily follow the protocols they can be played on. In relation with the third party modules, users should see some really interesting features in the future.

Leonflix is available as an Applmage which is described as One app – One file, which user can download and run on the Linux system while they do not need a package manager and it does not make any change in the system. Applmages are single file applications that can run on most Linux systems, Download an application, turn it into an executable file and simply run it. User does not have to install it which means no system libraries or system preferences are altered. Most Applmages run on recent versions of Arch Linux, Debian, openSUSE, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu or red hat and other common desktop distributors. Basically it is a search tool for movies and popular Tv shows. It scrapes video/file hosting websites and the ability to stream the videos hosted on other websites. Whenever a video uploaded on the internet, from the host to the any popular or less known website that shows it, more ads are added. By the time, it reaches to the user, the content has been stepped on so many times which makes it unwatchable. Leonflix’s premium feature is that it extracts only the desired content that these popular websites provide, giving it more refined view that filters out all the adware and pop-ups that have been added to the product.

Conclusion: LeonFlix Download

In the end, Leonfilx has the similar functionality to Netflix or Amazon Prime however it is more aligned with Showbox or Terrarian TV, it might fall short of Tv shows. This feature is similar to how Kodi scrapes sources but with the Tv shows it tend to not find the relevant sources. It helps user, not to restrict with http, they can easily paste a magnet link into the search bar to stream MP4 torrents. If a user want to watch something with their friends or groups then all they need to do is to create p2p watch parties with synchronized video playback. Leonflix will always remain ad-free for its user at no cost.

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